Learn how to play Gaelic Tag, quickly and simply.

Easy to learn
Use many of the same skills as Gaelic football
Non-contact nature means nobody will get hurt

The Rules of the Game:

Iím no Alan Brogan/Sean Cavanagh?
In fact Iíve never heard of Sean Cavanagh?

Some people think that you need to have played gaelic before to be any good at Gaelic Tag. This is far from the case! Gaelic Tag is primarily about running and passing, where good hand-eye coordination is a more important skill than brute force and strength. The beauty of the game is that it encourages people from all sporting backgrounds to participate together in mixed social teams.

download the rules (PDF file)


We are putting together a gallery of photos showing the game...stay tuned.


...And the videos are going to be even better, demonstrating all the components for how to play the game...coming soon.




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